Mini Break on the Great Ocean Road

Our mini break down the coast turned into a mini-mini break when the wind swept in with a force that even our brand new dome tent just could not handle. Anyone have tips for a light-weight, low tent that is quick and easy to set up?

This being said, it's incredible what even a couple of days away from the city and screens and responsibilities does. We both admitted to feeling relieved to see the skyline get smaller behind us and  waking up in fresh air from birds chirping and trees as big as giants swaying and shaking their leaves loudly in the ocean breeze. So, we made a promise to put together a last-minute-camping-trip-pack, so that we can jump in the car and get out of here for a day or 4 anytime. I already feel so refreshed and inspired for the week ahead, even though I'm sitting at a desk right now, as opposed to what I'd been daydreaming about all of last week: hiking through thick bush and coastal tracks.

We started the Great Ocean Road at the beginning in Lorne and camped in a National Park just outside of town. The last photos are from Johanna down the coast further in the Otway National park. 

Thankful to Josh for always getting in front of the camera, even though its not his favourite activity.